A smart sharing and integration platform for AI-based health prediction models.

One Platform. Infinite Applications.


Boost performance and outcome metrics and increase confidence in making critical care decisions with models validated for your care setting.


Share your clinically relevant AI/ML models and collect a royalty.


Budget-friendly subscriptions and features to ensure accessibility for all care providers in any setting.


Build a customized library of models to accomplish your goals. Choose from our pre-made models or the vast array of partner models.

Unlimited Applications

Apply models to improve any aspect of healthcare, including workflows, treatment and diagnosis, medication pricing, R&D, and more.


Dynamically proactive and highly ranked models adjust in real-time to achieve your goals with new insights.


Save time and resources with seamless deployment of ready-made models.


Our algorithms analyze your data to identify new trends and changes, contraindication of your goals, and inform you in real-time.

Calendar Input

Schedule your appointments, meetings and periodical evaluations using the provided in-app calendar option

Visual Editor

INTELLIC.AI provides a well designed and ergonomic visual editor for you to edit your notes and input data

Good Foundation

Get a solid foundation for your self development efforts. Try INTELLIC.AI mobile app for any mobile platform

Easy Reading

Reading focus mode for long form articles, ebooks and other materials which involve large text areas

Monitoring Tools Evaluation

Monitor the evolution of your finances and health state using tools integrated in INTELLIC.AI. The generated real time reports can be filtered based on any desired criteria.


Affordable options for every clinical setting.

Access the most robust clinical models.

Join the AI in healthcare revolution.

Integrate proactive data-driven models.

Deliver your best care.

Unlock your model’s full potential. Discover and Reproduce models. Improve patient outcomes. Save money/make money.

Meet Our Team

Michael Haniff

Michael M. HaniffFounder

James Mateka

James J.L. MatekaBusiness Development

Michelle White

Michelle R. WhiteSocial Media & Marketing

James Doyle

James DoyleChief Technical Officer

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